Publication & Exhibition (Potholes: Eric Bainbridge Drawings 1981-2015)


To coincide with the exhibition Potholes at Workplace, London (following on from the NGCA, Sunderland show earlier this year), I’ve co-edited a book on Eric Bainbridge’s drawings with Adam Phillips. You can get it direct from CIRCA Projects (first 25 are signed by Eric), Amazon etc. The publication is distributed via Cornerhouse via Art Editions North.

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‘One can compare many of Bainbridge’s drawings to a comedian’s script. The translation between page and sculpture (or performance) similarly shifts the mono to the multi-dimensional. By looking at the drawings we are invited to peel back the fascia and explore the structure underneath’.

Extract from Potholes (On the Work of Eric Bainbridge) by George Vasey.

This is the first publication focusing on the drawings of British sculptor Eric Bainbridge. The book brings together works on paper by Bainbridge from 1981 to the present day and includes writing by curator George Vasey alongside an interview between Athena Papadopoulos and Rebecca Ackroyd on the artist’s work. The selected drawings include preliminary sketches for potential sculptures, lists, notes and observational drawings of everyday objects that form a sketchbook of the artist’s backstage processes.  The works, often drawn quickly in pen or pencil on office stationary paper, illuminate many aspects of Bainbridge’s practice. Sifting through these drawings, we’re subject to a lexicon of characters and motifs that deconstruct the everyday.

Edited by George Vasey and Adam Phillips, the publication follows the exhibition Eric Bainbridge: Potholes at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in April 2016 co-curated by Vasey and Mike Collier. The book will be launched to coincide with a re-presentation of Potholes at Workplace London, opening on the 24 November 2016 and running until 14 January 2017.

Eric Bainbridge was born in Consett, County Durham, UK in 1955. He studied at Jacob Kramer College in Leeds, Newcastle Polytechnic and completed an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London in 1981. Initially recognized in the 1980s for his object-based works covered in synthetic fur, Bainbridge has since evolved an extensive and varied sculptural practice. Constructed from inexpensive materials, and commonplace items, his often ‘playful’ pieces continuously re-contextualize Modernist principles and ‘the found object’. Carefully staged, Bainbridge’s assemblages investigate the domestic and the everyday whilst reflexively engaging with traditional sculptural concerns.

48pp saddle-stitch book with foldout cover. Risograph and digitally printed on 120gsm/130gsm Edition of 250

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