Seminar: Art, intimacy and the public sphere

Emotional Resources
Exhibition Seminar: Art, intimacy and the public sphere
Saturday 1 November, 11am-5pm. £7
Join us to explore the themes and questions posed by Emotional Resources, at this seminar featuring artists in the exhibition alongside speakers from sociology, literature and cultural criticism. Together the speakers will ask how we value emotionalism when private experience becomes a public act, and look at how artists address this in their work.
Artists include Harry Burke, who will explore his practice as poet and curator and read from his work, Phoebe Unwin, whose painting translates the intimate and diaristic onto the canvas, and Erica Scourti whose work in both tapestry and video explores the transgression of the intimate into the public domain.  The artists are joined by a range of speakers from across disciplines, includingProfessor Lynn Jamieson, a sociologist at Edinburgh University and author of Intimacy: Personal Relationships in Modern Societies, andDr Helen Iball, from Leeds University, whose research explores questions of intimacy and empathy within theatre and live art, and curator Lucia Garavaglia, from the Eterphilous Society, whose practice investigates ‘intimacy’ through writing and live events. As part of the event, Nicola Singh will give a specially commissioned performance exploring intimacy and gesture as a ritualized action, in NGCA’s Project Space.

Seminar schedule:

11am – Coffee and introductions to the day.

11.30am – Artist Nicola Singh will explore the physical act of gyration for a new performance produced in response to Emotional Resources.

11.45amProfessor Lynn Jamieson, from Edinburgh University will introduce the topic of intimacy and the social sphere, based on her landmark book Intimacy: Personal Relationships in Modern Societies

12.15pmLucia Garavaglia is a curator and co-founder of The Etorphilous Society; Lucia will introduce the project and look at themes of confidentiality and confession in the private and public sphere

12.45pmDr Helen Iball from Leeds University will give a talk Crying, With Artists: On Performance and Authenticity, exploring the work of exhibition artists alongside iconic figures, Marina Abramovic and David Lynch

1.15pm – Plenary session chaired by Alistair Robinson, Programme Director, NGCA

1.45pm – Lunch – a sandwich lunch will be provided

2.30pmErica Scourti‘s work across media includes the tapestries and video shown in Emotional Resources. She will discuss the transgression of the intimate into the public domain, under the auspices of capitalism

3pmPhoebe Unwin‘s talk ‘Feelings and Other Forms’ will focus on her work exhibited, ‘Sketchbook 2013-2014,’ the culmination of 50 pages from one book, made throughout the year, showing how her longstanding use of a sketchbook is a way to visually articulate the everyday

3.30pmHarry Burke is a poet and curator, whose talk ‘Murality Poem’ will combine a reading of poems alongside visuals, imagining poetry as an architectural rendering, both communicating with, and shaping, a world

4pm – Plenary session chaired by George Vasey, Curator, NGCA

4.30pm – Closing remarks and drinks

Tea, coffee and a sandwich lunch provided.

TO BOOK, please follow the link to Eventbrite.
In association with Modern Culture. Funded by Arts Council England

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