Talk at the London Art Fair: Curators – What are They For? Should We Love Them or Fear Them?

I’ll be talking at this on Saturday the 18th of January, 1.30-2.30pm at the London Art Fair. If you want to come, you have to register HERE.  More information below. 


Curators have become the new artists – and they’re everywhere. In big public gallery exhibitions they almost threaten to outnumber the artist (not quite, but we’re getting there: three curators to just five artists for Tate’s Britain’s current exhibition ‘Painting Now’).So is it any surprise that MAs in curating are as oversubscribed these days as MAs in fine art? And is this a healthy development – evidence perhaps of a successful art industry and indicative of the public’s growing interest in art? On the other hand, where does it leave the artist? Do curators really “steal the creativity of the artist and claim it as their own”, as one high-profile critic recently claimed? More pertinently, are curators guilty of shoe-horning artists according to their own ill-fitting curatorial agendas? Why do we need curators anyway when the work can speak for itself? In short, should we welcome the unstoppable rise of the curator? Or fear it? Join The Arts Desk art critic Fisun Güner for this lively panel discussion. Panelists include Mark Hudson, critic for the Telegraph and The Arts Desk and independent curator and art writer George Vasey.

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    Some questions posed for a previous event, but nonetheless, worth thinking about for all those involved in the arts. Another question could be; what effect do these oversubscribed and accumulating curating courses have on the arts sector as a whole and on those already on curatorial MA’s? Maybe this is an entirely new debate, but in terms of jobs, experience and the all important ‘getting your foot in the door’, it is fairly thought provoking.

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