‘A Small Hiccup’ Touring Exhibition, Launching at Grand Union PV 24th May 6-8pm


Is it always good to talk?

‘A Small Hiccup’ is a traveling exhibition, events programme, publication and online commission exploring diseased language, curated by George Vasey.

Featuring new work by Jeremy Hutchison, Leah Lovett, Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith, Siôn Parkinson, Erica Scourti, Simon Senn, Holly Pester, Charlie Woolley.

Dates and Venues:

‘Don’t go into a butchers asking for a piece of cod’
Friday 17 May 7.30–9.30pm
Film programme co-curated with Cheryl Jones


Exhibition continues:
The Newbridge Project (Newcastle) 13th July to 30th August (PV 12th July)
Limoncello (London) 16th July

More details will be posted on gallery websites.


this is tomorrow (online) 1st June launch


Free newspaper designed by An Endless Supply


smallhiccup.tumblr.com/ for extra curricular reading, artworks and playlists.

A Small Hiccup has been generously supported by Grand Union, The Newbridge Project, Pro Helvetia, Richard Saltoun, Rosalie Mary Crame, Kathleen and Alan Nixon, & Anne Kilroy.

Special thanks to all on the MFA curating course at Goldsmiths.


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