‘Deleted Cities’ at Generator Projects

I’ve co-curated this with Lucy Macdonald -come along if you’re in Dundee. I will be in conversation with Ben Jeans Houghton on the Sunday.


Saturday the 15th of September, 7pm
Continues Sunday 16th of September, 12-5pm

Holly Antrum
Ben Jeans Houghton

Bobby Niven

Lewis Teague Wright
Raphael Zarka

with a text by John. A. Harrington

Sunday the 16th of September, 7pm

Screening of ‘Spiral Jetty’ by Robert Smithson followed by Q&A with George Vasey and Ben Jeans Houghton

In recent years the intersections between art history and archaeology have become the focus of critical analysis by both disciplines. Contemporary sculpture has played a key role in this dialogue, however, as this screening will demonstrate, contemporary film and video is also informed by modes of archaeology and anthropology, and artists are applying these methods to digital materiality. The film screening will bring together artists from across the UK and Europe who share a sensitivity to the translation of substance and matter through the medium and apparatus of film and video.

The curators have established a blog that brings together their ongoing research at:www.deletedcities.tumblr.com

Deleted Cities is curated by Lucy Macdonald and George Vasey

Holly Antrum (B. 1983, London) Currently lives and works in London.

Holly Antrum graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2011. Her practice takes in printmaking, drawing, video and photography and she interrogates the transformation of analogue into digital through a specific interest in materiality and process. Antrum has exhibited internationally, with organisations such as the ICA, Studio Voltaire, A Foundation, Royal Academy, and Jerwood Space.

Ben Jeans Houghton (B. 1984, Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Currently lives and works in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Ben Jeans Houghton is currently undertaking an MA Fine Art at Newcastle University and is due to graduate in 2014. He maintains a diverse practice in various fields, including sculpture, installation, film, photography, drawing, performance and writing. He is currently working on a new film titled ARKA OCELLI as part of the Arka Group, whilst working with CIRCA Contemporary Arts in production of an Edition of Photographs and sister publication. Since graduating in 2007 he has gone on to exhibit internationally across Germany, Greece, Japan, North Africa and South Asia, whilst regularly exhibiting in the UK with organisations such as BALTIC, CrASH, CIRCA, SpaceInbetween, Globe Gallery, CORNERHOUSE, ACA, and Waygood.

Bobby Niven (B. 1981, Fife) Currently lives and works in Glasgow

Bobby Niven is currently based in Glasgow. He holds a degree in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art and a masters degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Using film, sculpture and found objects, Niven’s recent work explores the strange architecture and intriguing history of Inchgarvie Island, an uninhabited islet located under the Forth Rail Bridge in Edinburgh. Previous exhibitions include: ISLAND; SWG, Glasgow; Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen; Cultivatus — Vintervikens Trädgård, Stockholm; Hermit’s Castle. Chez GALIP — Galeria Arte Talcual, Mexico City (2012); Hermits Castle. Chez GALIP — Sierra Metro, Edinburgh; CSA Space, Vancouver, Canada (2011); This Matter, The Royal Standard (2010).

Lewis Teague Wright (B. 1987, London) Currently lives and works in London.

Lewis Teague Wright graduated with BA Fine Arts from Byam Shaw in 2009. He works in a variety of mediums including film, photography, performance and sculpture. Lewis uses props and costumes to question and re-imagine what these objects traditionally symbolise. He studied at Central St Martins and his work has been exhibited at the Barbican, Protein Gallery, Cordey House and Peckham Hotel as well as galleries in the Netherlands, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Raphael Zarka (B. 1977, Montpellier) Currently lives and works in Paris.

Raphael Zarka graduated from the Ecole Nationale Des Beaux Arts, Paris in 2002. He works with sculpture, video and installation to reinvest cultural remnants of the past. Zarka is particularly drawn to abandoned and forgotten architectural sites that he further explores for new speculative associations. Previous exhibitions include; Performa 11, New York, USA (2011), Le Grand Café, Contemporary Art Center, Saint-Nazaire, France, ERRE, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz Cedex, France (2011), Gibellina Vecchia, BISCHOFF/WEISS, London (2011). He is represented by Bischoff/Weiss, London.

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