Body Type -12th August 2012-Gerald Moore Gallery

I’m working with Amandine Alessandra on a project for the Gerald Moore Gallery’s Summer School Project curated by Rosie Cooper.  The series of workshops will culminate in a public performance. See you  on the 12th of August!

Body Type

Can you dance to Maths?

Artist Amandine Alessandra will lead a day of workshops and performances set around the idea of speech and the body. Amandine’s work lies somewhere in the space between dance and design, and she often makes collaborative group work where the human body is made use of for its communicative potential. Body Type asks – in a world of texting have we lost something important? As we communicate more through words we use our bodies less and less. Gesture, tone, and dress become lost in technology – Alessandra’s work invites participants to think again, exploring the role that the body plays in communication.

Amandine Alessandra will be presenting the culmination of her project as part of Summer School at Gerald Moore gallery on the Sunday August the 12th.

Want to protest? Tell a story? We are looking for between 10-15 volunteers aged between 10-18 who will be able to commit to a day at the Gerald Moore gallery on Sunday August the 12th. Working with the body’s potential to form new words through movement and gesture, it will be your chance to take part in a living work of art. The artist will be leading a three hour workshop and participants will be invited to work together to create a collaborative public performance on the day.

We want people to bring ideas along and work together as a group. It will be a fun day, and we will provide lunch and refreshments as well as a souvenir.

Born in Réunion Island, Amandine Alessandra is a photographer and graphic designer based in London. She moved to the UK after a Masters in Fine Arts & Aesthetics from the University of Aix-en-Provence.

In 2009, she graduated with a Masters in Graphic Design from the London College of Communication with a research on typographic forms reflecting on the transient nature of messages.

Her work relies a lot on playfulness, using typography as a possible interference with the meaning of a message, and a way to say a lot more than what is written.

A contributor to numerous publications on experimental typography, she is also a visiting lecturer at Bedfordshire University and the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts in Beirut.






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