Zine Post

Some text from a recent project that I did with the writer and artist Michael Crowe. We both had to write a short description of some artwork, this is my contribution. Can you spot the artists?

-The seats have the personality of people and the woman has the personality of a chair, what would the feminists say? Mistakes on show, painted in one go-macho but mediterranean with it.

-New York, 1984. On a basket ball court playing soccer. The illustrator has eaten too many skittles, the kids are stumped, they’ve lost the ball over the net; what to do next? Schadenfreude.

-Sexual, visceral, swirly, sketchy. Proper art with too much coffee, a bit messy. Its all about the cream paper, good choice, it wouldn’t work on white paper.

-Sad and silly. An image about memory and forgetting, moving forward and losing things on the way.

-The impossibility of cubism in the mind of a dog and a bird. A moment before their imminent abduction by aliens.

-It’s painting about painting, invoking the ‘Table’ by Gerhard Richter. Converges geometry and gesture with the subtext of terrorism, updating mid-century themes. Painters take themselves seriously, I would avoid him at the bar.

-Slacker, big Jumper, baggy trousers, shaggy carpet-who has carpet now?  About to karate chop a fan, which says windy for added cuteness. He is an out of work yoga teacher, clever but could take the piss out of himself. It looks like Hockney, sounds like Nirvana and tastes like soy Latte.

-Victim and criminal, not sure which. Clever composition with the legs mirroring the triangle of the bunting. The yellow is trendy but timeless.

-Art as archeology, artists bring out sensitivities in the most minor gestures. The art world is basically lots of people painting dark walls white and the other people painting white canvases dark.

-Hotels on stilts in 2120, the architects have been given free reign to attract custom as the notion of travel has become obsolete with everything being under water. Economical painting of an architectural proposal to express alienation.

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