‘Everyday I Go to Sleep’ Modern Art/Stuart Shave

‘Everyday I go to Sleep’ is a large group exhibition of small works. Typically this is an art defined by the domestic, diaristic and intuitive and one that finds its formal resolutions in smallness. The maquette  is perhaps the connecting motif for the exhibition. For Ian Kiaer, a plastic cup can be a grand architectural feature, a plastic sheet can be mountain; the viewer is constantly being asked to project onto the work and thereby activating it. This attitude is best exemplified by the work of artists Hayley Tompkins and Jack Strange, who in their own way process the everyday with wit and sensitivity.

I am reminded of a work by Deiter Roth; ‘Solo Scene’, which consists of 138 monitors capturing continuous footage of the artist in his studio/home trying to make work. It neatly describes what often remains a hidden process and de-bunks the archetypal myth of the artist. It captures the circuitous nature of studio life and the difficulty in rendering abstract thoughts in concrete objects. The artists in this exhibition share this affinity for exploration- the possibility that through the manipulation of a material you open up a space of potential. It is this spirit which send the artists to the studio everyday, and us as viewers back to the gallery.

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