‘Bold Tendencies 4’ Hannah Barry Gallery (For KultureFlash)

Bold Tendencies by Hannah Barry gallery is now into its fourth year and seems to be capitalizing on the buzz generated from last years installment. The artists are more established and the audience has duly expanded. Invited through a select curatorial committee, there is no exhibition theme as such, rather what feels like a personal selection of current sculptural practice.

The formalist tendencies of George Henry Longly and Giles Round sit next to the idiosyncratic figurative sensibilities of Ed Fornieles and Anthea Hamilton. With no thematic, the artists are free to explore their ongoing concerns in a unique enviroment.

Although the exhibition has strong work, the work feels wrapped up in something else. Famously gate crashing last years Venice Biennial with her own Peckham Pavilion,Hannah Barry is not lacking in chutzpah. Bold Tendencies always seems more then the sum of its parts, the exhibition is tied together through a spirit of enterprise which I find exciting. It’s this attitude of making something happen that drives the whole thing forward and this I think is the real content of the exhibition.

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